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Re: Amilo A1630 - Somebody with this laptop out there

Hi David & Christian,

Well, I haven't got THAT notebook, but what I do have is one of Ralinks
WLAN mini-PCIs (MSI MP54G2). They have a driver for it on
http://www.ralinktech.com/supp-1.htm. The driver is really odd and IMHO
would need to be GPL to be fixed. I haven't even seen the license, but
anyway... I have to hack the driver AND/OR the kernel itself to be
actually be able to use the damn thing.

I have a Cardbus version using a realtech driver (RT2500), and it works
much of the time, but some operations (iwlist scan for one) generate a
segmentation failure somewhere nasty, and you need to reboot after that.
Perhaps we need to collect any patches somewhere accessible, although
it would be far preferable to get it GPL and incorporated into the kernel.
I didn't get the driver to work :-(. I have a SIS Mainboard and an AMD64 Processor. I'm worried that I do not have time at the moment to look up why it doesn't work...

Greetings and thanks for that hint.


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