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Re: Amilo A1630 - Somebody with this laptop out there

Tobias Krais wrote:
Hi List Users,

I search users with a Amilo A1630 Notebook out there. At the moment I have serveral problems, maybe somebody of you solved one:
- IrDA / FIR
- Modem
- Ralink Wireless

I would appreciate to collect your information. I suggest to open a howto for this notebook and I offer space on my Website.

Greetings, Tobias

Well, I haven't got THAT notebook, but what I do have is one of Ralinks WLAN mini-PCIs (MSI MP54G2). They have a driver for it on http://www.ralinktech.com/supp-1.htm. The driver is really odd and IMHO would need to be GPL to be fixed. I haven't even seen the license, but anyway... I have to hack the driver AND/OR the kernel itself to be actually be able to use the damn thing.

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