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Re: [solved] Re: Synaptics touchpad not found with plugged-in USB mouse

On Tuesday 12 October 2004 14:21, Tobias Kraus wrote:

> it actually _is_ a bios problem. If I deactivate "USB BIOS
> Support" (no "USB legacy support" in my BIOS as mentioned in the
> tread) I can leave the mouse plugged in during boot. But then I
> cannot use the mouse in the BIOS. The problem was that the BIOS
> "help" only said sth about deactivating boot from USB diskette/CDROM.

That doesn't make it a BIOS problem.  It means that you have found a 
workaround that works for you that involves turning off the BIOS support.

> My configuration for the archive:
> - Disable "USB BIOS Support"
> - psmouse compiled in the kernel (2.6.4)
> - uhci/ehci compiled as module
> - no hotplug (as it is started after init it should not matter if it
> runs - at that point psmouse knows about the touchpad)

Compile  uhci, hid, evdev & psmouse as modules, and load them in that order 
in /etc/modules, and you should be able to use either the USB or touchpad 
mice _and_ hotplug.  

A solution that involves "no hotplug" would be useless for me.  I've got 6 
hotpluggable devices that _must_ be hotplugged, because I don't have enough 
power to turn them on when I'm not using them.

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