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Synaptics touchpad not found with plugged-in USB mouse

Hi ML,
my synaptics touchpad works ok as long as I my USB mouse is not 
plugged in when psmouse loads. In this case, the kernel reports that 
the touchpad is found and everything works fine.
If I plug in the USB mouse during boot before psmouse is initialized, 
psmouse does not recognize the touchpad. When I plug it in 
afterwards, both touchpad and mouse works fine.
It is not a BIOS problem (touchpad is deactivated as another pointer 
device is found), as the problem exists if I plug the mouse in just 
after the kernel is started by grub, but before psmouse is loaded. 

I'm using Sarge with a vanilla 2.6.4. psmouse is compiled into the 
kernel, the USB stack as modules - so the kernel should know nothing 
about the mouse when psmouse is started.

Anyone a idea how to solve this problem?


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