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Re: Testing on Inspiron 5150 (or 5160)

Apparently, _Ivan Fernandez_, on 10/01/04 21:00,typed:

I attach the .config, but my model has an ATI Radeon 9000, so the
graphics card stuff will not work.  As usual, I probably have a few
peculiarities, so review those settings.

Thanks a ton for the file. The display part won't be a problem.

I don't use ndiswrapper because it's closed source.  I'm not a zealot
and will use non-free software in a pinch, but if there is a free
software way, I'll do it first.  In this case, it involved buying a
wireless PCMCIA card instead of ndiswrapper.

Ah, this is news. I am going to look into that as well. Which card did you buy? (and this proves PCMCIA is working in Debian :)

Thanks for your help,

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