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Re: I'm looking to change my laptop

On 1 Oct 2004, Pere P. wrote:
> Anyone has experience on a IBM laptop model Thinkpad R51?

Others have recommended the Thinkpad hardware list which, frankly, is
great for this sort of thing.

I have an earlier IBM laptop, an A31p, and experience with a range of
newer models but, sadly, not that specific model.

Uniformly, IBM laptops work extremely well under Linux.  The hardware is
well supported, and they really don't have many obscure problems.

Also, in my experience they have much better hardware support than other
vendors, at least in .au, which makes them attractive.

The only specific recommendation I would make is that if you can get an
IBM laptop with the extra spiffy screen (super-fine, or something like
that, since it changes name pretty much every release), do so.  

The quality difference is *well* worth the extra cost.

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