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Re: Testing on Inspiron 5150 (or 5160)

Apparently, _Ivan Fernandez_, on 09/28/04 23:26,typed:
I'm writing this on a 5150 running testing.  No big problems.  I haven't
been able to get suspend/sleep to work, but I can't say I've tried too
hard either.  Getting DRI acceleration working was a bit convoluted, but
with info from a few websites I managed to do it.  I can provide kernel
.config files or other specific info if you are interested.  This
machine is about a year old, I don't know how much the hardware has
changed in recent 5150s.  Wireless card will definitely not work (except
if you use ndiswrapper, but I'd rather not go there).  Another thing I
have not managed to make work is the modem, but again I haven't put much
of an effort into it.

Yes, I would be nice if you send me the kernel config file. Regarding the DRI, I know I have to deal with using Nvidia's modules with the kernel. The modem, I don't really care about, for now. However, on Dell's forums (forums.us.dell.com, name "Linux (non-Dell installed)"), I have seen reports that the modem can be made to work. And whats the problem with ndiswrapper, it seems to be working for quite a few users of 5150. Just asking, I haven't used wireless in Linux at all yet.

And another thing, does an external USB mouse work when you plug it in in the middle of doing something? I am suspecting I would need hotplug to see the external mouse on the fly. If that does not work, I am afraid shutdown and boot up with the USB mouse plugged in would be the remedy? *shiver*

Thanks for your reply,

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