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Re: Touchpad functionality dissappeared for no apparent reason!

>> Ok, but what does the bogo bit stand for? (And don't look it up.  Anyone
>> can do that! :-)

> bogo as in "does not mean anything really, has no real value". What 
> bogomips measures is, how much CPU time it takes to do a specified loop. 
> This value is then used in the kernel to time other things. The prefix 
> "bogo" is used, because there's no real corellation between the value of 
> bogomips and the power/speed of the CPU. Even though, there is a corelation 
> between CPU's MHz and bogomips, for each model of a CPU.

This was sent directly to me (and not to the list) by one Juraj Ziegler.  Many thanks.

'bogo' as in 'bogus' then.


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