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RE: PCMCIA wireless on kernel 2.6

Hello Alexander,

What's been working for me so far:

- Build your kernel 2.6.8
- install the pcmcia_cs sources from sf.net
- just run the >configure< of the pcmcia_cs sources
  (The 2.6 relies on the pcmcia kernel infrastructure: don't 
   build anything here.)
- get the wlan-ng sources and build the >prism< modules

Hope this helps,


> As far as I understand the documentation, the 2632W should be 
> supported 
> by the orinoco_cs driver. (It's the old version of the card, of circa 
> 2001 or so, not the new Atmel based one.) This driver is built, and I 
> can load it with modprobe, but to no further effect.
> I'm using the yenta driver for the PCMCIA subsystem itself. 
> This driver 
> loads ok, according to the boot messages, although I'm not 
> entirely sure 
> that I have a yenta socket. In my previous (kernel 2.4) 
> installation of 
> the same laptop, the PCMCIA driver was some "i.....", where 
> ... was some 
> string of numbers. lspci reports the PCMCIA controller as "CardBus 
> bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1220 (rev 02)".
> The yenta driver can't be all wrong, though, because my cardbus 
> Tulip-based ethernet card is recognised and loaded properly 
> (up to the 
> point that I can see the network interface with ifconfig).
> I'm thoroughly confused about the whole process of detecting PCMCIA 
> cards and loading the appropriate modules in Linux 2.6, and I 
> can't find 
> any documentation that would explain how to fix my problem.
> Can somebody help me out with this? I'd be happy to send you config 
> files and debugging output, only I don't know what to put here and I 
> don't want to spam the list more than necessary.
> Thanks in advance,
> Alexander.
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