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PCMCIA wireless on kernel 2.6

Hi all,

I'm in the process of reinstalling Debian on my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 3500), and I'm having trouble getting wireless to work.

I have installed the version of sarge-i386-netinst (the minimal CD for testing) that was current two weeks ago. This installation comes with a 2.6.7 kernel. I didn't make any major modifications to the system, but exactly the same problem persists with a freshly-built 2.6.8 kernel.

When I plug my SMC 2632W wireless PCMCIA card into the laptop, the system prints a pithy

 cs: memory probe 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff: clean.

and does nothing else. The system does realise that there's a PCMCIA card there: "cardctl status" prints

 5V 16-bit PC Card
 function 0: [ready], [bat low]

As far as I understand the documentation, the 2632W should be supported by the orinoco_cs driver. (It's the old version of the card, of circa 2001 or so, not the new Atmel based one.) This driver is built, and I can load it with modprobe, but to no further effect.

I'm using the yenta driver for the PCMCIA subsystem itself. This driver loads ok, according to the boot messages, although I'm not entirely sure that I have a yenta socket. In my previous (kernel 2.4) installation of the same laptop, the PCMCIA driver was some "i.....", where ... was some string of numbers. lspci reports the PCMCIA controller as "CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1220 (rev 02)".

The yenta driver can't be all wrong, though, because my cardbus Tulip-based ethernet card is recognised and loaded properly (up to the point that I can see the network interface with ifconfig).

I'm thoroughly confused about the whole process of detecting PCMCIA cards and loading the appropriate modules in Linux 2.6, and I can't find any documentation that would explain how to fix my problem.

Can somebody help me out with this? I'd be happy to send you config files and debugging output, only I don't know what to put here and I don't want to spam the list more than necessary.

Thanks in advance,

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