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Re: Sleep on Dell 510m

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> writes:

>  Hi,
>  Could someone give me any hint about sleeping my Dell Inspiron 510m?

i have got a Dell 510m with Debian/Sarge on it.

- kernel-2.6.8 
- software-suspend- 
- hibernate-script-0.98

kernel config:
Software Suspend 2
Swap Writer
GZIP Image Compression
NO ACPI S4 Support

But you need to tweak a bit the hibernate script to:
 - stop gpm / unload psmouse and mousedev (i use 
 - put down eth0/wlan0 and unload modules (ndiswrapper/e100)
  (and add a sleep 1 before modprobe ndiswrapper otherwise
   the network card is not detected)
 - umount all usb devices and unload usb modules
 - reload all unload modules and stopped programs
 - relaunch 855resolution to be able to use 1400x1050 on X

 And even with #LeaveXBeforeSuspend, i need to go back on

hum by the way, did you succeed in using the fireware port ?

PS: don't forget the kernel parameter resume2=swap:/dev/hdaXXX
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