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Re: new laptop recommendations?

> i might have to think real hard about the ibm.  do they have any
> machines designed for linux, meaning all the cool built-ins
> (nic, wlan, bluetooth, sound) definitely work with linux?  this
> is where i may do better with a refurb or used machine, i guess.

i'm currently using a thinkpad r51. sound works, 3d acceleration works
(quake3 runs smoothly), wlan works, gigabit ethernet works. s2d does not
work with ACPI yet, but that may be due to me lacking the skills to get it
running. a friend told me he got s2d working using APM, i'll try that
within the next few days. it seems to me that most of the components ibm
uses work wuite good with linux. see
http://www.sp1r1t.de/networks/linux_on_ibm_thinkpad_r51.html for more

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