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Re: new laptop recommendations?

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 10:24:17PM -0400, John M Flinchbaugh wrote:
> thinkpads are attractive, but a 1.5GHz machine costs more than a
> 2.8GHz dell.  that's hard to justify on a budget.

In June I got a hankering for a new laptop, but my 500mhz P3 12" 4lb 
30GB built-in ethernet/firewire Sony Vaio laptop from 1999 still works 
just fine for the majority of things a laptop is well-suited for.  A 12" 
screen is a must for using on an airplane when the guy in front of you 
leans his seat back; lighter is *always* better.  These values trump CPU 
power: because no matter how much CPU power you have in a laptop you are 
held back by relatively slow hard drives.

Since money was a factor for me too, the only laptop I could possibly 
justify was just a $700 7lb 2.4 Celeron, a giant brick to just use as a 
thin client / office / web client.  If not that, then just get one of 
the 7lb $1500 no-battery-getting desktop P4 models.  There is *no* tasty 
thin-and-light laptop on the market ATM, no sweet spot for 
price/performance.  The only laptops worth buying these days all way 6-7 
pounds.  So I decided to get *no* laptop and just keep my old 4 pounder.

Instead I spent $500 on a top of the line HP ipaq w/ 400 mhz processor, 
bluetooth, wireless ethernet, built-in-keyboard; $300 on a bluetooth 
gps; $200 on 2 512mb SD memory cards; and $30 on a nice leather case.

Much more bang for the buck.  I can still use my old 500mhz PC as a thin 

There isn't a thin-and-light laptop on the market today that I would 

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