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Re: new laptop recommendations?

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 07:54:52PM -0700, William Ballard wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 10:24:17PM -0400, John M Flinchbaugh wrote:
> > thinkpads are attractive, but a 1.5GHz machine costs more than a
> > 2.8GHz dell.  that's hard to justify on a budget.
> In June I got a hankering for a new laptop, but my 500mhz P3 12" 4lb 
> 30GB built-in ethernet/firewire Sony Vaio laptop from 1999 still works 
> just fine for the majority of things a laptop is well-suited for.  A
> 12" 

When it works, the Sony is fine, its just that they have one of the
worst customer service of any company in the world, and they are
clinically paranoid of wares, to the point that they cripple on half
descent piece of hardware the produce.

IBMs on the other hand are quite good, and at least most stuff works
with linux. I would look at companies that specialize in linux laptops
and see what they are selling.

For wireless, Centerino won't work for you, but some companies also
have mini-pci wireless which you probably have a better chance with
getting to work.

Have a look at http://www.emperorlinux.com/ for example.

As for 3D, at least ATI if you don't use the latest, will work (up to
9200 IIRC), with both a proprietary and OSS driver.

> screen is a must for using on an airplane when the guy in front of you 
> leans his seat back; lighter is *always* better.  These values trump CPU 
> power: because no matter how much CPU power you have in a laptop you are 
> held back by relatively slow hard drives.
> Since money was a factor for me too, the only laptop I could possibly 
> justify was just a $700 7lb 2.4 Celeron, a giant brick to just use as a 
> thin client / office / web client.  If not that, then just get one of 
> the 7lb $1500 no-battery-getting desktop P4 models.  There is *no* tasty 
> thin-and-light laptop on the market ATM, no sweet spot for 
> price/performance.  The only laptops worth buying these days all way 6-7 
> pounds.  So I decided to get *no* laptop and just keep my old 4 pounder.
> Instead I spent $500 on a top of the line HP ipaq w/ 400 mhz processor, 
> bluetooth, wireless ethernet, built-in-keyboard; $300 on a bluetooth 
> gps; $200 on 2 512mb SD memory cards; and $30 on a nice leather case.
> Much more bang for the buck.  I can still use my old 500mhz PC as a thin 
> client.
> There isn't a thin-and-light laptop on the market today that I would 
> buy.
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