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Re: new laptop recommendations?

Thus spake Robert Aldridge (raldridg@gulf-states.com):

> I'm running Debian Sid on an HP Pavilion zv5120us that I got at Circuit
> City about 3 months ago.  

I'm running sarge (used the new installer) on an Averatec 3220. Only a 12"
screen but an AMD Athlon CPU. DVD-ROM/CD-RW is nice.

Everything works nicely (well, haven't tried the modem, no use for it)

> With the 0.9 release of ndiswrapper, I have the wireless
> card working perfectly (I'm emailing from a wireless connection
> now).  

Maybe that will do it..

If you're looking for a cheap laptop as your not-main machine, this is
worth looking at. Only weighs 4.2 lbs. too...
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