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dri/3daccel radeon9600

Dear Friends,
   Could someone please be so kind as to tell me how to get dri enabled in
sarge.  The install went perfectly, but all I need to do is somehow
recompile the kernel I already have in as few steps as
possible(configuration I can do) but I need more consise or precise help
than the stuff from google.
   I presume that if I use a vanilla kernel, do make config, then make
install, that should be enough, or is there a debian way that does eveything
for me, than one can do in three or four steps rather than two pages.
After recompile, the ati proprietary drivers should simply install from the
alien made deb, then fglxrconfig and I should be able to load dri as a
module,  or am I wrong, and why?
  Any helpis greatly appreciated, as I have everything else is sarge
working, including perfect wireless, so this is last impediment to windows
free living.

Best wishes,

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