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Re: dri/3daccel radeon9600

also sprach my <yazdzik@myway.com> [2004.07.17.0551 +0200]:
> Could someone please be so kind as to tell me how to get dri
> enabled in sarge.  The install went perfectly, but all I need to
> do is somehow recompile the kernel I already have in as few steps
> as possible(configuration I can do) but I need more consise or
> precise help than the stuff from google.

I don't think XFree 4.3.x supports the Radeon 9600 chip yet. You can
download the ATI driver as RPM and use alien to install it though.

> I presume that if I use a vanilla kernel, do make config, then
> make install, that should be enough, or is there a debian way that
> does eveything for me, than one can do in three or four steps
> rather than two pages. After recompile, the ati proprietary
> drivers should simply install from the alien made deb, then
> fglxrconfig and I should be able to load dri as a module,  or am
> I wrong, and why?

Use the Debian kernel and you are on the safe side. Or use
kernel-package's make-kpkg with a Debian kernel as basis.

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