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Re: laptop_mode doesn't seem to work: kjournald waking up disks frequently

On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 03:08:08AM +1000, Tim Connors wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, Bartek Kania wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > > I'm trying to use laptop_mode to get my disks to stay down to save
> > > energy in kernel 2.6.7. I used the script from kernel 2.6.7, put it in
> > > sbin. I also compiled the monitor in laptop_mode.txt too. When I run
> > > laptop_mode it doesn't seem to help much with the disks. What's the
> > > problem?
> > <snipp>
> > > Using the bit block that reports to dmesg I get kjournald as the process
> > > that's dirtying the node.
> >
> > What filesystems are you using?
> > Please attach the output from mount before and after running the laptop-mode
> > script.
> > When the script runs it should change the commit-time of the filesystem to
> > something large, to prevent kjournald to flush the journal every couple of
> > seconds.
> A while ago, I looked at the code in one of the filesystems (either ext3
> or jfs - the two fs's I use), and I wasn't convinced that the code
> correctly saved the -o remount,commitinterval value. I convinced myself it
> only got set at mount time, not at remount time - but I am very likely
> wrong, given that I am not a kernel hacker, and probably missed some
> subtlety.
> I have never had any luck with the laptop mode patches. Dammit.

It should work fine with ext3, reiserfs and xfs with kernel 2.6. With
2.4 only ext3 is functional (although it is somewhat faulty). I have
patches for 2.4 if anyone wants, didn't try to push them through yet
and I doubt they will be accepted as 2.4 doesn't take too many changes
other then bug fixes anymore.

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