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RE: multimedia buttons

That's precisely the problem... xev does not works with those keys... at least 
in my laptop...

>===== Original Message From Ionel Mugurel Ciobica <tgakic@chem.tue.nl> =====
>On  1-07-2004, at 19h 58'06", norton wrote about "Re: multimedia buttons"
>> well, I have an acer aspire, and I installed hotkeys (apt-get hotkeys)
>> and configured it... you'll need the keycodes for these keys...
>> try to find if you have in the internet the configuration files for you
>> laptop... if you cannot find it, let me know and I'll send you mine...
>> but they will not work in your laptop... although you can always use
>> them as a guide
>You can use xev to see if pressing those keys you get a keycodes for
>it. I have a Sony Vaio laptop and some of the Fn combinations with Fx
>keys dows not generate a keycode so I can't program it :-(  But I am
>not too fun of using extra keys than the ususal.
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