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Re: XFree86 Configuration for HP Pavilion ze4600

i have a ze4400, i thinks it's the same ati card
(ATI mobility U1 / IGP 320M)

on Sid with xfree 4.3, vesa driver have to work.

you can also try these solutions:

the 3D enable solution is quite complicate (you have to recompilate),
but for accelaration in 2D, you just have to download some driver and change the config file.
exemple and driver -> http://rzr.online.fr/docs/comp/


peter robinson wrote:
Hi List,

I am using debian 3.0 on my hp pavilion ze4600 laptop (which has an ATI MOBILITY RADEON 4X AGP card.). I am unable to get the X server to run, I get an error message that it couldnt find a screen. I was wondering if someone on this list has a HP Pavilion running under debian and would be willing to send me a working XFree86 confuguration file?



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