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Compaq Contura 4/25c Successful Upgrade to Woody

Working on getting my laptop previously running Slink updated to Woody.

I was really having a tough time of this upgrade, any 2.2+ kernel from debian either crashed or corrupted the filesystem. The inability to install modultils kept making apt-get dist-upgrade fail.

Eventually I got the base system upgraded (mostly manual dpkg -i stuff) and then started working on the kernel.

After a lot of head scratching, I noticed that the kernel was finding all 20Mb installed rather than the 15Mb prior. I seemed to recall something about a memory hole so I gave the kernel a mem=14860k boot command and behold, it worked.

The next step was to patch a kernel with the BadRAM patch, I made a lean and mean 2.4.26 kernel for this laptop and rebooted with the following line:

kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda3 mem=20480k badram=0x00f00000,0xfff00000

And its working quite well. I set up my root partition with ReiserFS to try and get a bit more uumph and speed and so far so good!

Just thought I'd post my success story here for others to search sometime.

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