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ACPI support


Since upgrading to testing and kernel 2.6.6 (with patches from Bjoern
Schmidt for fan control and awaking after screensavers monitor blanking)
ACPI is running instead of APM on my Compaq Armada 1750. Since I
activated ACPI debugging I get a lot of messages from the
/proc/acpi/event reading by the ACPI daemon. What is missing are scripts
with whom linux can react to the signals. These are supposed to be found
in /etc/acpi/ and the events should be found in /etc/acpi/events. The
only one there is powerbtn.sh und events/powerbtn. 

Using these as a template we wrote  /etc/acpi/screenout.sh

setterm -blank 1

and /etc/acpi/events/screen:

event=button[ /]lid

which now lets the tty1-6 blank after one minute when the lid is closed.
Shutting off the monitor, however, should be immediately when the lid is

My question:

Can someone provide acpi-scripts from his /etc/acpi/ folder 

which support immediate shutting off the monitor while on console or in
which enable manual fan control?
which support other acpi features?

Any help very much appreciated!

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