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pcmcia-cs package troubles

Hi all,

I'm running unstable on my laptop and my ethernet card, a Linksys
"Network Everywhere" NP100 (ver. 2), has ceased to function after I
upgraded the pcmcia-cs packages.

I had the pcmcia package held, but (stupidly) decided to upgrade it. 
I can't remember the old package number, but I now have 3.2.5-6 from
the upgrade.

Anyway, when I insert the card it complains as follow's

pcnet_cs: this is an AX88190 card!
pcnet_cs: use axnet_cs instead
pcnet_cs: unable to read hardware net adress for io base 0x30

I've tried 

modprobe -r pcnet_cs
modprobe axnet_cs

but the ethernet still doesn't come up.  I also tried removing the
pcnet_cs module with "rmmod -r " but that didn't help.  Googling on
the error only got me many pages with the pcnet_cs man page.

Can anybody offer any thoughts?

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