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Re: Compaq Contura 4/25c Successful Upgrade to Woody

Just an update. I was easily to get X working using the xserver-svga package and a modeline which I somehow discovered using some voodoo and black magic back in 1997 or so. However, I notice I was getting the dreaded "VC text console corruption" problem upon starting X. I corrected this by compiling in the vga16 framebuffer which, while slightly slower, does seem to solve the problem.

I'm now setting up my X packages on this thing. Can any of you recommend some good lightweight things to install?

System specs:
  i486 @ 25MHz
  20M RAM
  1.2G HDD
  640x480@8bpp  virtual 800x600
  eth0 on D-Link de600 parallel port adaptor

Currently using:
  Debian Woody (w/ security updates)
  Kernel 2.2.26 (custom compiled with make-kpkg)
  XFree86 with the 3.3.6 svga X-Server (for Compaq AVGA)
  Blackbox with minimal theme

Disk Scheme:
  GRUB on /dev/hda MBR
  FreeDOS on /dev/hda1 (200M) FAT16
  Swap on /dev/hda2  (50M)
  Debian on /dev/hda3 (1000M) ReiserFS

I would love to install OO but I fear it may be a bit too slow. Any quicker alternatives? I was even eyeballing the commercial Hancom Office package (like on my Zaurus) for a lightweight office package.

This laptop is in its final stage most likely. Window95 is now unsupported and unmaintainable so I have removed it from the system and am setting it up as a "Woody Forver!" system. Its performance is slow but tolerable. It is actually running noticably faster on Woody than it did on Slink.

Anyways, looking for some tips for speedy lightweight apps to install.


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