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Re: ignore touchpad if mouse connected

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 11:41:06PM +0200, Philipp Weis wrote:
> On 27 Jun 2004, Sam Halliday <fommil@yahoo.ie> wrote:
> > i have my X setup to use /dev/input/mice which reads from the usb mouse or
> > touchpad. i know how to set up X so that i select only one of these... but i
> > wish to do something a little more complicated: i want to ignore the touchpad
> > iff (if and only if) the mouse is connected. is this possible to set up in X? (a
> > general solution including the console would be acceptable)
> You can use xsetpointer to switch pointer devices manually. Note that
> you should not set the SendCoreEvents option on a pointer device you
> want to replace later.

If its using the synaptics driver (quite recommended for touchpads if
the are supported, alps and synaptics AFAIK) then there is an option to
disable the mouse dynamically. Don't remember the program that does
this, but check the accompanying docs.

Assuming it is a usb external mouse (since you are supposed to turn off
you machine to connect ps2) then you can modify the hotplug script to
disable the touchpad if you want it done automatically, or just disable
it manually.

I am just using /usr/bin/syndaemon which disables the touchpad when you
type for a set time so that you don't get accidental clicks. Around 0.3
secs is very useful.

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