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Re: Keyboard problem

Thanks, actually, now I got a full keyboard and then some ;)

norton wrote:

this one: | ?
I have no idea what you're talking about 8-)

guess the name: bar.

if you go to /usr/lib/X11/locale you'll see a lot of locales for your
computer... pick one, say, iso8859-1
cd iso8859-1

and see the Compose file... it will show you a lot of these tricky codes

just in case you need for C:

|  bar
\  backslash
~  asciitilde
{  braceleft
}  braceright

take a look in that file and you'll see what you can do with your
keyboard 8-)


Em Qui, 2004-06-17 às 16:25, Emil Carlsson escreveu:
thank you, it solved half my problem anyway... the other half is the single bar ont alt gr and that key... now I got the < and the > (thank you again). Do you know the name of the bar? it's like a capital I or a common l but larger... do you understand what sign I mean?


norton wrote:

well, I don't know this keyboard... so, that's what I think you should

1) run xev in a shell
2) press the key (without shift just the key)
3) read the output... find the "keycode X", where X is a number
 (mine is keycode 59 for <)
4) cd $HOME
5) Create a file named .Xmodmap (debian will use it automatically when
you log in)
6) In this file write:
keycode X = V1	V2
where X is the keycode, V1 is the character printed when the key is
pressed and V2 is the character printed when shift+the_key are pressed.

A practical example:
in my keyboard, keycode = 59, and the key prints a "," if pressed and a
"<" if shift+key are pressed, so the entry will look like

keycode 59 = comma	less

(to help, "," is comma, "<" is less, "." is period and ">" is greater
7) then, xmodmap .Xmodmap to test

Next time you log in, debian will load the map .Xmodmap automatically

I hope it helps you

Em Qui, 2004-06-17 às 15:25, Emil Carlsson escreveu:

I've gotten my keyboard to work just to the brink of one key! I need a swedish keyboard but it won't give me the key left of the space key, the key that generates < and >. It's fairly hard to program without them ;)

I realized the problem when I started to study C and was going to make my first program and I couldn't hit those keys... Greatful for help


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