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Re: AW: AW: network installation - wlan/plip

* <Erik.Hofmann@infineon.com>:
> I have a netgear WG511 (11 and 54 Mb/s, 802.11b,g) bought from a
> german electronic market discounter (cheap), because my Zyxel DSL
> WLAN-Router supports this.  You need a driver available as a patch for
> several kernel sources. I was sucessfull with 2.4.25 and 2.6.4 (I am
> using slackware by now but want to try out debian soon) Here you can
> find the driver and a list with supported cards of the prism54 driver.
> http://www.prism54.org/ -> supported cards

The prism54 driver is also part of the vanilla kernel sources since
2.6.5 (current is 2.6.7). Works fine here with no patching at all.

BTW: Erik, it would be nice if you could limit your lines up to < 80
characters (70 is just fine). Longer lines are really awful to read an a

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