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Re: PPPoE / Access Concentrator

On 16 Jun 2004 at 11:13, Daniel Pittman wrote:
> NB: It is much nicer to create a new thread rather than reply to an
> existing message and change all the details - some hidden features, like
> the `References' header, don't get changed that way, so your message
> shows up in the middle of another running subject...

Thanks for the tip; apologies to the person whose message i hijacked!

> That depends. Is this a "bridge mode" device, or does it handle the
> PPPoE layer internally?

My Zyair B-2000 V2 (I wasn't very precise in my last email) does handle PPPoE and 
has a DHCP server; I could access the Internet with Knoppix for example without any 
further configurations...I have a Toshiba Laptop and a D-Link DFE 660 Ethernet 
Cardbus. The built-in firewall is enabled.

> How is this configured under Windows? From that we should be able to
> derive the operating mode correctly.
>        Daniel

Here is what my Zyair B-2000 v2 tells me:

IP Pool starting address: (my IP)
Lan TCP/IP : (Gateway and DHCP server)
IP submask:
Multicast: none
RIP direction: both
RIP version: RIP-1
DNS Servers Assigned by DHCP Server:

Under Wan MAC Address 
I have "Factory default" selected, instead of " Spoof this computer's MAC Address - IP 

Under the DHCP table from the router i also noticed the hostname is not the one i had 
given Debian. Could that be causing the problem?


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