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Re: PPPoE / Access Concentrator

On 16 Jun 2004, thghtcrm@tiscali.de wrote:

NB: It is much nicer to create a new thread rather than reply to an
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> So I finally got Woody up and running, but couldn't get Internet
> access. pppoeconfig could detect my Ethernet card, but it told me that
> the Access Concentrator of my provider did not respond.

Well, that may well be the problem. You may need to use some special
extra settings in the PPPoE packets, or a fixed MAC address or something
like that.

Alternately, it could be an issue with your use of the router, rather
than a PPPoE issue directly.

> I have a Zyair 2000 DSL Modem/Router, could it be where the problem
> is? 

That depends. Is this a "bridge mode" device, or does it handle the
PPPoE layer internally?

Most modern DSL modems do all the PPPoE work themselves, and expect you
to connect to a DHCP server on them before they activate the link.
Annoying, but workable.

A quick search shows a bunch of Zyair 2000 wireless router devices, but
none that claim to feature ADSL support, so I can't comment directly.

How is this configured under Windows? From that we should be able to
derive the operating mode correctly.

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