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Linux 2.6.6, alsa and suspend

I'm using Debian Sarge with a vanilla 2.6.4 kernel and alsa sound 
driver on an IBM R50. When I suspend to ram or disk (using phoenix 
bios suspend-to-disk) using apm and wake it up again, the sound 
output works fine.
Recently I wanted to upgrade to 2.6.6. With an identical .config, the 
sound does not work anymore after wakeup (actually, artsd hangs and 
even a "killall -9 artsd" does not kill it).

BTW, the following /etc/apm/event.d/alsa exists:
---- snip ----

# stop/continue processes using sound devices.

set -e

devices=$(find /dev -type c | xargs stat -c '%t %n' | sed -n 
's/^e //p; s/^74 //p')
if [ "$1" = suspend ]; then
    if [ -d /proc/asound ]; then
        fuser -k -STOP $devices
    sleep 1
elif [ "$1" = resume ]; then
    if [ -d /proc/asound ]; then
        fuser -k -CONT $devices
---- snap ----

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?



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