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RE: Any debian 2.6.x kernel ACPI success stories?

Steinar Bang wrote:
> OK, done:
> append="hdc=ide-scsi apm=power-off nomce acpi=on resume=/dev/hda6"

You can't have apm _and_ acpi.  It's not supposed to turn on ACPI options if
apm is already enabled.  However, I'm not sure if it's even guaranteed which
will be turned on first.

> The behaviour is as before:
> S3 suspend:
>  The command
> 	echo 3 >/proc/acpi/sleep
>  seems to shut it down alright: 
>   - the screen goes blank
>   - the disk shuts down
>   - The powerbutton LED starts blinking slowly
>  But pressing the power button doesn't bring it out of suspend.  The
>  disk starts spinning again, but the desk remains blank.
>  This may be caused by the well-known Radeon mobility problems with
>  suspend/resume (this is a Dell Latitude D600)?  However I thought
>  they where releated to XFree86 support, and I did all my testing from
>  a console, with X shut down.

Yes.  That's not your problem.
>  I shut the machine down with a long press on the power button, and
>  rebooted normally.

Read the logs.  What ACPI events have you got?

What sleep modes does your hardware support?

> 	echo 4 >/proc/acpi/sleep

I didn't _think_ that was the official way to do it anymore...

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