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Re: Debian an Acer Travelmate 291lmi

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 09:18, Jan Koch wrote:
> Hello,
> last week i bought this notebook (from Mediamarkt) and wanted experience
> linux the first time. Because i want to understand linux i wanted to
> choose debian. But i have a critical problem. I can't start the
> installation. :( The cd and even dvd (Book: Debian GNU/Linux Peter Ganten)
> are booting and i can choose which kernel i would like to install. I type
> bf24 and the install seems to start, but not very well. Usually u see Tux
> after a few seconds on a new scrren (i tested this with my internet pc)
> but my laptops screen stays black. Anyone knows what i can do? Other
> distribution work without a problem (e.g. fedora, knoppix).
> Hope you can help me.
> MfG Jan Koch
If you have knoppix working, then there is a procedure for installing to
hard disk from the CD.  Knoppix is based on Debian, so after you have 
installed knoppix you can then use apt-get to upgrade to current testing
or unstable (going backwards to stable prbably won't work).  Knoppix is
build of a mixture of testing, unstable and some uniques.

Your problem may be related to one I had with a Clevo 410E, where it
would install with a 2.2 kernel, but not a 2.4 kernel (at the time there 
were no distros with a 2.6 kernel).  This was due to the flavour of 
Pentium IV and support chips which 2.2 did not recognise, so it worked
(but obviously things like USB - in particular USB2 did not) after a 
fashion.  2.4 knew enough about the chips to make a mess, and hung
before the boot console log started to appear on screen.  So what I
did in the end was to install 2.2 and then install a 2.6 kernel on top
of that.


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