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Re: Dell & Debian ?

Hi All,

On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 17:33, Stephen Birch wrote:
> Hi James
> My current laptop (like Marcus, above) is an Inspiron 8500.  No 
> problems ... sound, NVidia X, and networking all worked well out of the 
> box.
> The internal 802.11g is a truemobile 1300 which initially did not work 
> because they seem to be ignoring Linux.

Yes, thanks James, I forgot to mention this.

I decided to purchase the system without this WLAN card, and opted to
get one outisde of Dell. After some research I bought a miniPCI Proxim
802.11/a/b/g Gold Card from a local reseller and it works fine under
Linux using the madwifi driver.


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