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Re: gdm problem - no sessions

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Marcel Gschwandl wrote:

> this is a known "bug", as of version, changed the format of the
> session files (I believe to the same as kdm uses) and now the old ones
> are not recogniced any more.

That explains a lot.  Also explains why none of the mving about of the
config files worked.

> now you have two (three) possibilities:

I ended up doing an apt-get update, then upgrade, then dist-upgrade.  I am
already running sid, and ran the upgrade, but had to go to work before I
got a chance to run a dist-upgrade.  After running dist-upgrade I was able
to log into gnome.

One question still arises.  I have KDE and FVWM installed on the system.
I was under the impression that, like installing packages places them in
the debian menu, that installing window managers would automagically place
them in the session menu.  Does this go back to the aforementioned bug in
gdm, or is there something else I am missing here?  Looking in
/etc/gdm/Sessions/ shows that there are files for Debian, Gnome, KDE,
KDE.dpkg-old, and Xsession.  Should I do dpkg-reconfigure gdm as was
mentioned before?

> Sorry for only writing such a short reply but I'm a bit short on time.

Completely understandable.  No need for apologies.


Robert D. Crawford

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