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Re: Portege 3440ct multimedia port replicator

Frank Trenkamp wrote:

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 20:12, Glyn Edwards wrote:

I'm running debian unstable and have been for about 6 months now. Does
anyone else have a portege 3440ct and a port replicator who has been
able to get it to work fully.

Uhm, I have a 3480ct and am looking for such a port replicator. ;)

Ebay is where I got all my stuff from, I picked up a multimedia port
replicator for £10 there ( but i think that was lkucky as I watched
another go for £75) although mine didn't coming with a cd drive or
anything, just the ports and pcmcia slot

Here's a lan port one

and a multimedia one (this one with a drive in)

I am currently testing out the 2.6 kernels as well and wonder if anyone
else is using 2.6.2 with this laptop. Most things seem to work apart
from apm.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm jsut in the process of trying to get
tthat last 0.1% working perfectly.

The 3480ct is highly comparable AFAIK, only CPU speed differs. Here it's running with kernel 2.6.2 on debian unstable. However, ACPI does not work at all for me, even using "Relaxed AML" in ACPI config. It's so bad I had to go to back to APM and exclude ACPI in order to re-enable certain PCI devices like the PCMCIA cardbus bridge. Probably the machine's ACPI implementation (from 2001) is broken.

How do you switch off acpi and revert to apm? I thnk I read somewhere
that the portege 3000 series don't support acpi at all (but i coudl be
makingthat up). APM does everything I need  so If I can jsut switch that
on it would be great.

Some of my PCMCIA cards misbehave from time to time under 2.6.2. The boot-logo for the VESA framebuffer had to be deactivated otherwise the display's text output was corrupted on boot. The graphics chip is a S3 Savage8/IX.

I'm also waiting for this guy to finish the hardware accelerated dri
driver for that chip


Have you managed to get your Win-Modem to work under 2.6.x? It works under 2.4.x with the ltmodem-package, but doesn't under 2.6.x, according to the documentation.

I've got it working with 2.4.x but hafven't spent much time with 2.6.x
yet. I only just tried it and notied that mozilla and firebird work much
quicker. I found this a while ago though

And finally, possibly worst of all, lxdoom is broken! It runs too fast under 2.6.x, maybe twice as fast due to some timing problem. The same with DukeNukem 3D. What a mess. I heard 2.6.x was fast .. but that fast!? :)

I haven't tried many of the games on it as it is quite slow. Maybe I
should though!

One last thing, ANYONE ELSE out there with a portege 3000 series running
debian. I keep on thinking of setting up a howto page specifically for
debian as I haven't found one yet. So any things other people have done
with them would be interesting



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