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Re: idepci to vanilla

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 08:31:39AM -0800, Andrew Roth wrote:
> (not really related, but curious aboutit anyhow:) How do I find out
> what debian stable cd any arbitrary package I find at the debian
> packages web site is on?
"apt-cdrom add" each of the 7 CD's, and when you run dselect, use "apt", 
not "cd" as the access method.  Using dselect or aptitude, you won't 
need to go to the website to search for packages.

I don't care what your stupid software says, you did NOT receive a virus
from me!  No wonder there are so many email viruses, when the antivirus
companies don't have a clue how email works. Go Linux!

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