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idepci to vanilla

Hi, I've installed debian stable on an old laptop, a toshiba 320CDS.  There's no ethernet plug on it, so I got a USB network adapter.  I couldn't find any usb drivers.. Turns out I hit enter at the beginning without reading enough and installed idepci.

apt-cache dump | grep kernel  gives no indication of kernel-image's.  I'm in a catch-22 situation - I have no net to download usb drivers and I need usb drivers for the network to get a new kernel-image.

Here are my questions:

(most general): What's the easiest way to get USB to work on an idepci install?  What's the best way? (that won't break the system etc)

(more specfic:) How do I install vanilla on an idepci? (preferably without reinstalling)

(not really related, but curious aboutit anyhow:) 
How do I find out what debian stable cd any arbitrary package I find at the debian packages web site is on?

-Andrew Roth

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