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Re: Strange Zip Attatchment


On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 11:51:37AM +0100, Niko Efthymiou wrote:
> I have noticed 3 stange zip atachments on this mailing list, all 
> recieved yesterday. I would suspect that it is some kind of virus 
> (havent scanned it).

Yes they are

> Since there have been quite a few virus epidemies recently (and maling 
> lists are a good place for spreding them), I would like to propose 
> following alternatives:
> 1. Dissallow atachments alltogether on debian lists (send them to /dev/null)

As someone else pointed out, there are a number of valid attachments
that can be sent (patches being a big one for example)

> 2. Allow only certein mime types in mutipart messages

This probably wouldn't help. A lot of virus set them semi-randomly, as
they are ignored by the Windows family of operating systems, which
relies on ``magic numbers'' to indentify file types.

> 3. Scan the emails for virii and if positive discard them (will probably 
>   eat up to many resources.)

This would unfortunately eat up too many resources. At the moment,
murphy.debian.org is already struggling with spikes, due to all the
filtering that takes place on it.

> greets Niko


(with his listmaster hat on)

PS: I recommend CC'ing such emails to listmaster@lists.debian.org if you
wish to get a reply from us. I only saw this email by chance when I was
manually cleaning the queue from said viruses.

PPS: and I'm not subscribed to this list, so please CC me as well. =-)

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