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Re: Woody(2.4.21) Sarge(2.6x)

On January 27, 2004 11:36 am, James wrote:
> If I want to upgrade to Sarge(testing)
> and a 2.6.x kernel, do I upgrade the
> kernel first, to a 2.6.x kernel and test
> it as another kernel option under lilo,
> with Woody first?  Or do I upgrade the
> distro from stable to testing, first,
> and then work  on a 2.6.x  kernel
> upgrade/build?

I'd go with the upgrade to Sarge first - seeing as that's what I did long ago.  
I haven't had a working 2.6 kernel yet (or 2.5 since 2.5.24).

The sarge upgrade went pretty smoothly.  It _is_ testing though.  Every now 
and then it burps :-)

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