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Re: Samsung T10 - Graphics card query...

Steve wrote:

debian@ausipos.com wrote:

Steve wrote:

Hi Guys

I can get Debian 3.0 r2 installed on my Samsung T10 no problem. The only
problem is, is that I have to use the VESA drivers and they don't give
options for 1400 x 1050 screen resolution, the nearest is 1280 x 1024.
GNome works fine (KDE hangs and gos back to the log in??) but obviously
the graphics quality is far from optimised.

So, has any one got a similar setup to mine, had the same problems and
sorted them?

The graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500


I manually edited XF86Config-4 to get my resolution to 1400x1050, also using radeon drivers (had to set framebuffer to false) running a mishmash of debian, kernel 2.4.24 with radeon enabled I can send you my XF86Config-4 if you like, and also my kernel configuration if that may be useful.



That would be really helpful if you wouldn't mind.

Also, how did you turn on radeon in the kernel?


Oops missed this email before..

here you go! sorry if my tar&gzipping is a bit dodgy, first time I've ever actually made a tarball and gzipped it!

re turning on radeon in the kernel it's in my .config.. I have a bad habit of compiling as much as possible into the kernel, as everything i use i use all the time,

on that note..

Any idea whether using modules as opposed to compiling into the kernel results in a faster machine?


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