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Laptop booting

Hi all! 
I have 2 problems!

First problem: 

When I start my debian laptop, I boot the modules first and the 
daemons afterwards. As usual. 
But, in order for my /etc/init.d/networking script to find my eth0 
nic, which is a PCMCIA card, cardmgr has to be started. And since my
networking script is started before my cardmgr-daemon, It will not 
find my eth0, which makes  it necessary for my to login as root and 
do '/etc/init.d/networking restart', for enabling my eth0 nick.

Also, when I'm starting my laptop, it loads my essolo1 module (for my
soundcard) before starting the program aumix, which I use to control 
the sound. This makes the mic and the speakers interfer, making a 
highly disturbing noise. 

Is there a way for me to start both cardmgr and aumix, before 
starting my networking script and loading my essolo1 module? 

My second problem: When I close the lid on my laptop, which is an IBM
Thinkpad iSeries 1400, it goes to sleep. I will still be able to open
it and continue my work, but several processes have been stopped or 
have freezed. 
Example: my eth0 disappears, which makes it necessary to login as 
root and restart my networking script, and aumix stops, indicated by 
the high noise caused by interferens. 
How can I configure my ACPI/APM module to go to sleep when I close my
lid and start up as it was before it went to sleep?

I hope you will be able and willing to answer my questions,

Sincerely Peter


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