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Re: Debian vs... ? (was RE: powerbook and debian)

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Yves Rutschle wrote:
> > >This might be off-topic, but Yves started it :)
> I didn't mean to troll, it was really down to "why would
> anyone use any OS in the first place". MacOS might be good,
> but I'm sure you could find reasons to use anything else
> instead. And I'm sure there'd be reasons to use MacOS in
> place of Debian, too.

	Given that I made the comment in the first place, I should
probably add that the decision (RE:  MacOS) isn't one between two
equivalent OS', but between one that came with your computer, and one that
you added on.  I'm not 100% sure, but some manufacturers might not honour
a warranty just because you replaced your OS.  In fact, when I purchased
my laptop and mentioned Linux in passing, they said if I had to bring it
in for repairs, I should put XP back first -- some concern the salesmen
had about their tech support not knowing a thing.  :)  This is probably
more relevant for laptops, since they're computers provided as one whole

	If MacOS is based on Unix, then the gain obtained by changing it
to Debian is smaller than someone who replaced Windows for Debian.  If
someone doesn't know much about the OS that came with their computer,
perhaps it's better to play with it a bit before looking for greener
pastures.  Just an opinion, of course.  :-)


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