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Re: questions on ACPI

On Friday 23 January 2004 10:28, Russell Coker wrote:

> Previously you said that when there was neither APM nor ACPI the fan would
> not start.  Now you say that when ACPI was enabled the fan would not start
> which is a common symptom of broken ACPI (bugs like this are the reason I
> have never tried ACPI and have no plans for trying it on hardware I own).

Obviously because I thought it also had at least some kind of influence on fan 
control. I knew it handled poweroff.

> > Without any power management, the system wouldn't shut down using the
> > poweroff command, so you have to manually shut it off. This is such a big
> > annoyance that I never tried it without APM.
> If you try testing these things or read the specs you will discover that

Well I'm sorry. I don't have time to test every component of my system or read 
all the man pages. When I get a configuration that works, I will likely leave 
it at that. I guess most people feel the same way. If the fan control with 
APM was misconception, it should be clear to people now.

I now use ACPI and everything works, except for various leds and hotkeys which 
are supposed to be supported by the acpi4asus patch. I am looking into that 
at the moment, because having led and hotkey control would be kinda cool.


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