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Re: kernel 2.6 X11 and radeon M7500

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 15:01, debian@ausipos.com wrote:
> Has anyone else experienced problems with kernel 2.6, X11 and radeon 
> M7500 graphics card?
> when I boot 2.6 everything goes ok until X11 starts, then the screen 
> just blanks. no errors appear in XF86 log either.
> any suggestions would be appreciated.

I don't know the answer to that, but maybe my story will inspire:

I have Dell I8200 with Radeon M9000 (R250) and got XFree86 4.3.0 running
with kernel 2.6. What I miss is 3D accelaration, and mouse is a bit
shaky for the first 10sec of X start.
I did not test the suspend (to RAM) yet, but I would not be surprised if
it won't recover because of graphical mode.

There is a nice patch for ATI cards for XFree86 4.3 (kernel-2.4)
concerning the 3D and suspend: http://cpbotha.net/dri_resume.html
Without this patch I could not do any proper resume with X on.

So overall, I need some more time to investigate kernel-2.6, maybe the
patch is applicable for kernel-2.6 too...

> on another note:
>  what sort of frame rates in glxgears would be considered good?
> currently I get about 350-450 frames per second (kernel 2.4.24, X11 4.21 
> KDE 3.1)

I guess you want to know whether the 3D accelaration is on?
The proper way to test is:
glxgears | grep direct
and perhaps install tuxracer - if the game is playable, 
then you have 3D accelaration :-)

> cheers,
> Ben.

Best regards,

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