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3com office connect 802.11G installation


I was wondering if anyone already tried to get the 3Com Office Connect 802.11G wireless (3CRWE154G72) running on a laptop ? I'm running Debian, kernel 2.4.22-1-586tsc (unstable)- on a Toshiba Tecra550CDT It's a rather old machine, but I got everything running up so far - PCMCIA is enabled and working (got a PCMCIA network card running, and that one still works, DMA support is enabled and working as well)

I consulted Prism54.org, but that did not seem to help me a lot, or I just don't follow everything ...
Some stuff I tried :
apt-get installed the following :

I also downloaded the firmware from Prism54.org - and relocated it to

but - that's about everything I got from the net - then the trickling of info halted ...

I do have a sense that I got further though - since lspci returns, among others :
15:00.0 Network controller: 3Com Corporation : Unknown device 6001 (rev 01)

I'm not all too familiar with kernels and putting together my own kernel configuration, but I'm not stupid either :)
Any advice would be very welcome

Thanks in advance,

Frank Guthorel

Moriaanstraat 124 9050 Gent - Ledeberg
T:09/329.49.38 - G:0495/105.776

frank@codedor.be - www.codedor.be

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