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Re: Running Debian 3.0 (r0) on Acer 730S Travelmate

Thank you for all who responded. I'll try your tips and suggestions and I'll let you know if it works.

Jan Kokoska <kokoska.jan@globe.cz> wrote:
On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 01:01, Arnel Espanola wrote:
> Did anyone successfully install Debian (Woody) on Acer Laptop
> (specifically 730S Travelmate)? It's unable to detect the built-in
> ethernet interface on the laptop. Also,

You need to insert as module/compile into kernel the appropriate driver
for your NIC. Type "lspci -v" and look for Ethernet controller, then use
appropriate module.

Appropriate is a broad term, if you don't know exactly, get latest
vanilla kernel from kernel.org (2.6.1 as of this writing) and read
through avialable drivers in device drivers subsection of its

Or just post to the list, someone will tell you ;)

> I have problem running the X windows on it. I already tried different
> parameters on the XFree86 config file but to no avail. It will be very
> much apprec iated if someone can help me in fixing these two problems.

Most likely agpgart/drm support for your vga controller, another thing
you need in your kernel. Then for some fairly new controllers you might
need xfree 4.3 to support your controller. Or combination of both ;)

lspci is your friend.

> BTW, I'm just neophyte with Linux system so please bear with me.
> Thanks.

Btw, I run Debian unstable on DELL Latitude laptop, custom kernel, then
on a fairly new desktop box with intel's 82865G mobo I installed
xfree4.3 from experimental to support my built-in vga controller.



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