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Re: Acer TM 803 and fan noise

On 4 Jan 2004, Emma Jane Hogbin<emmajane@xtrinsic.com> stated:
> On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 11:46:31AM +0100, Martin R?hricht wrote:
>> this summer I bought an Acer Travelmate 803 LMiB with a 1,6GHz
>> Pentium M processor. Unfortunately the fan runs every few minutes for
>> about 30 seconds with full speed which is a very noisy and annoying
>> act. I can
> I have an Acer TM 632. Same problem. I had someone take a look at the
> DSDT file a while back and apparently the fan isn't controlled by

I remember of a similar problem not that far. A friend of mine
experienced exactly the same behavior with exactly the same laptop than
mine. The only difference from me was the BIOS revision.

> ACPI, or something like that. I don't recall what the exact problem
> was. But I do remember fan + ACPI == not quite perfect. Ultimately my

Huh ? It has been working *perfectly* here since the beginning ;)

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