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Re: newbie question

Am 2004-01-03 17:31:26, schrieb outsider:

>>Could someone point me to some easy to understand docs about the file
>>system, maybe with a graphical representation, as it seems so different
>>to billyware. I am trying to find java so I can get my browsers to run
>>applets (I use mozilla and konq).
>IMHO Java is not a part of the Debian distribution. To use it with 
>mozilla you should install the blackdown java RE. 
>(http://jopa.studentenweb.org/debian) because Sun's version of the JRE 
>was build with another version of gcc and is not binary  compatible with 
>newer mozilla versions.

Not right, because I have downloaded the Sun JRE and JSDK Version 
1.4.4 and converted it with a smal Helper-deb to install it on 
WOODY. The version I have downloaded is compiled with gcc2.95 
(There are two versions of the SUN-JAVA)



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