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Re: wireless network problems

On Thursday, Jan 1, 2004, at 16:59 America/Denver, Matt Foster wrote:

Quoting Marcus Crafter (crafterm@managesoft.com):
Mate, you'll probably need to take a look at the madwifi project at sf.net
to get the Gold card working (assuming it's operating with the Atheros
chipset). I've got the 802.11/a/b/g gold card (miniPCI) and it works fine
with this driver.

One thing I would add about the madwifi drivers is that if you want them
to work very well you'll need to check them out of cvs. The current
tarballs on the site are old (old old). You might find the FAQ and wiki
helpful. There are links from madwifi's sf page.

have fun,

I really got the impression that Tim's card was an older Orinoco and from the stuff he posted from his system it was detected and working fine.

There appears to have been this side thread (perhaps started by my early warning that the newer Orinoco cards use a new chipset) that won't die about using the drivers for the newer chipset.

But just so Tim's not confused, I think from what I was reading his hardware setup is fine. Someone who has seen both cards in service could tell us more about whether or not the newer chipset still reports the old card name to the kernel and confuses it into loading the older driver.

This is good info to get into the archives for newer card chipset owners, though!

ps. Happy New Year to everyone :)

2004... here we come!

Nate Duehr, nate@natetech.com

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