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Re: 2.6.0 Kernel, Lost Keyboard and Mouse

Quoting Andrew Neillans (debian@neillans.co.uk):
> > Managed to actually get a copy of the 2.6.0 kernel to boot - it was next to
> > useless, but it booted! (With acpi=off   -- havent tried with acpi on yet,
> > that is my test for this morning ;))
> Compiled with acpi on, and I loose keyboard + mouse. If I use acpi=off, both 
> work as expected. Strangely, with acpi disabled, i need to leave off the 
> acpi=off otherwise my mouse doesnt work ...
> Anyone have any ideas on what to try in order to get acpi to behave? Would be 
> nice, considering its a laptop etc.
> Andy
Have you tried of pci=noacpi I had problems on various boxes without



Matt Foster

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